Creating an Alternate Signup

[Not available on all scheduling systems]
On some schedules, you can sign up as an “alternate” to another user’s primary signup on a resource for a given time. The alternate will be promoted to primary if the original primary cancels before the start time of your alternate signup. If you have a valid e-mail address stored with your user information, you will receive an e-mail when the promotion occurs.

  1. Enter/click the start and end times as you would for a standard signup. (A)
  2. Note that this is an alternate (B). To accept signup, click “Sign-up” (C). To cancel, click “Clear”.


  • To move the signup to a different resource, simply click the new resource in the list. The list of available resources can be limited to only those resources for which this signup is would be a primary signup by clicking “List Available Only” (D)

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