What are the steps involved with getting a private pilot certificate?

What are the steps involved with getting a private pilot certificate?

Flight Training: To include a minimum of 40 hours of instruction. 20 hours must be with an instructor and 10 hours must be solo.

Please note that these are FAA minimums and are not reflective of the nationwide average.

Pass an FAA written test: This includes taking a ground school or a home study course to prepare you for the test.

Upon completion, you will receive an endorsement from your flight instructor to take the written test. The test itself can be done at a local testing center like Morey Airplane Company, and it is setup through CATS (Computer Assisted Testing Service). You must score a minimum of 70%.

A third- class medical must be obtained prior to solo. It is highly recommended you schedule an appointment with an FAA doctor soon after starting your training.

Complete and pass a check ride: Much like your driver’s test, a designated FAA Examiner will have an oral exam with you to make sure that you know and understand the rules and regulations of flying, as well as other concepts such as airspace, flight planning, weather, and your airplane’s systems.

After completing that, the examiner will fly with you to perform all the required skills and maneuvers that you worked on during training.

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