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Established in 1932, we are the longest operating FBO in the state of Wisconsin. From Howard Morey to his son Field Morey to his grandson Richard Morey, the Morey Airplane Company has become synonymous with aviation.

The Staff at Morey Airplane Company

The following article appears in the February / March issue of Midwest Flyer magazine.

Dedicated & Professional Staff Help FBO Maintain Tradition of Excellence!

In Business since 1932

The Morey Airport Company has come a long way.  Gone are the old hangars, runways, and FBO. The expansion of Airport Road in Middleton ushered in a new era for Morey.

Now the airport is known as Middleton Municipal Airport – Morey Field.  2005 marked the opening of a new grass strip, new asphalt runway, terminal building, weather reporting station, localizer approach, hangars, and ramp.

It’s a significant contrast from the old terminal building with its bright walls, gleaming floors, plush furniture, and modern fixtures. If it weren’t for the fact that the Morey family is still running the FBO, there is not a hint that this nationally-known company has been doing business here for over eight decades.

In Our Third Generation of Family Management

You will find Rich Morey and his staff ready to greet you with a smile. Talk with them for a few moments, and you will also find the memorabilia, the photographs, and the memories of the past 80 years have found a new home in this beautiful new building.

While the Morey heritage is important, they are also excited about the future and the opportunities that come with change. They are pleased to offer a conference room to hold business people. The conference room is comfortably outfitted to hold up to 40 people. It is available to civic groups at no charge; a small fee is charged to businesses.

Other improvements include a 4,000-foot runway available for small business jets, ample ramp space, low tie-down fees, a comfortable terminal, vending machines, a pilot weather station, and a pilot lounge.

The improvements to Middleton Municipal – Morey Field make Middleton that much more attractive to businesses looking to locate in the city’s nearby business park. Business travelers to the Middleton area used to have to land at KMSN and drive 30 minutes to the Westside. Now, business travelers can be at almost any Westside destination within minutes.

Morey employs several flight instructors, certified aviation mechanics, a charter flying service, and an office support staff.

Though the look of Morey Field may have changed over the years, the legacy and the impressions the Morey family have made on the aviation industry in the community, in the state of Wisconsin, and across the nation, continue to live on.