Category: Wall Of Fame

Ivan Arias 1st solo!

Gaurav Dogra Instrument pilot!

Congratulations to Gaurav Dogra on obtaining his instrument rating! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Andres Arias first solo!

Danny Klagos first solo!

Bill Bollfrass Instrument Rated!

Congratulations to Bill Bollfrass on obtaining his Instrument Rating! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Sarah Bube 1st solo!

Jim Zirbel, 1st solo!

Tyler Cole Pivate Pilot!

Jeff Birdwell, 1st solo!

Congratulations to Jeff Birdwell on his first solo! (CFI: Bram Sadones).

Gary Frings 1st Solo!

Chris Gerg Private Pilot!

Keith Ryniak, 1st solo!

Congratulations to Keith Ryniak on his first solo! (CFI: Rich Morey)

Mark Zimmermann: Private Pilot!

Congratulations to Mark Zimmermann on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! CFI: Pete Aarsvold

Andrew Thompson: First Solo!

Congratulations to Andrew Thomspon on his first solo! CFI: Jacob Davis

Derek Bukolt: First solo!

Congratulations to Derek Bukolt on his first solo! CFI: Rich Morey

Mike Brennison: Commercial Pilot

Congratulations to Mike Brennison on obtaining his Commercial Pilot Certificate! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Kael Hanson: Instrument Pilot!

Congratulations to Kael Hanson on obtaining his Instrument Pilot Certificate! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Randy Larson: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Randy Larson on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! (CFI: Justin Murphy)

Phil Freye: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Phil Freye on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! (CFI: Rich Morey)

Nathan Moll: First Solo

Congratultions to Nathan Moll on his First Solo! (CFI: Tom Huismann)

Jacob Charneski: First Solo

Congratulations to Jacob Charneski on his First solo flight! (CFI: Tom Huismann)