Want to rent a plane? Then look no further than the Morey Airplane Company. Our personal, friendly service is second to none! We have got great rates, great planes, and a great crew.

Our Rates

Cessna 152
(N4777H and N70739)
$70.00/hour (dry)
Fuel cost: 6 GPH
Cessna 172N
$80.00/hour (dry)
Fuel cost: 8 GPH
Cessna 172N
$85.00/hour (dry)
Fuel cost: 8 GPH
Cessna 172SP
(N438ER, N439ER and N5303T)
$100.00/hour (dry)
Fuel cost: 10 GPH
Redbird Simulator $70.00/hour
Flight and Ground Instruction$70.00/hour
Instruction in Outside Aircraft$80.00/hour

Renter’s Responsibilities

Please read thoroughly. If you would like to rent one of Morey’s aircraft, a short checkout with an instructor will be necessary. Please download and complete the aircraft rental agreement below and bring it with you on the day of your checkout.

  • Renter shall have a current medical certificate and flight review within the past 24 months (in accordance with FAA regulations).
  • Renter shall have flown the aircraft (or heavier model) within the past 30 days or pass a recurrent instructional flight.
  • Renter shall comply with the applicable FAA regulations during the time of operation of the aircraft.
  • Renter agrees to contact the Morey Airplane Company office should any delay occur in returning the aircraft at the agreed time.
  • Renter agrees to contact the Morey Airplane Company office should any mechanical problem occurs that requires repair before the flight.
  • Renter agrees to use only public use airports unless an emergency or with special authorization from the management.
  • Renter agrees to a two-hour minimum per 24-hour day. (Unless weather or mechanical difficulties arise, in which case, the renter shall notify the Morey office.) In the case of extended delays, it shall be the renter’s responsibility to return the aircraft to the Morey Airport Company or, at his expense, arrange for a Morey pilot to return the aircraft.
  • If you are new to Morey Airplane Company, we require that you be checked out by our instructors and have a renter pilot insurance policy.