Redbird Simulator

The Morey Airplane Company Redbird model SD flight simulator is a FAA certified advance aviation training device (AATD) that is approved for use in satisfying training requirements under FAR parts 61 and 141. It is approved for use to meet aeronautical experience requirements for the private, commercial and airline transport pilot certificates. The redbird can also be used in obtaining the instrument rating, maintaining instrument currency and obtaining an instrument proficiency check (FAA bases for approval on file on our office, copy provided upon request).

The Redbird SD simulator can be configured to replicate a Cessna 172S with Garmin 430/530, a Cessna 182S with Garmin 430/530, a Cessna 182G with Garmin G1000, a Piper PA-12-161 with Garmin radios and KAP 140 auto pilot, and a Beech BE58 Baron with Garmin G1000 equipment.