Category: Wall Of Fame

Ivan Arias 1st solo!

Gaurav Dogra Instrument pilot!

Congratulations to Gaurav Dogra on obtaining his instrument rating! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Andres Arias first solo!

Danny Klagos first solo!

Bill Bollfrass Instrument Rated!

Congratulations to Bill Bollfrass on obtaining his Instrument Rating! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Sarah Bube 1st solo!

Will Filbey first solo!

Jim Zirbel, 1st solo!

Tyler Cole Pivate Pilot!

Jeff Birdwell, 1st solo!

Congratulations to Jeff Birdwell on his first solo! (CFI: Bram Sadones).

Gary Frings 1st Solo!

Chris Gerg Private Pilot!

Keith Ryniak, 1st solo!

Congratulations to Keith Ryniak on his first solo! (CFI: Rich Morey)

Mark Zimmermann: Private Pilot!

Congratulations to Mark Zimmermann on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! CFI: Pete Aarsvold

Andrew Thompson: First Solo!

Congratulations to Andrew Thomspon on his first solo! CFI: Jacob Davis

Derek Bukolt: First solo!

Congratulations to Derek Bukolt on his first solo! CFI: Rich Morey

Mike Brennison: Commercial Pilot

Congratulations to Mike Brennison on obtaining his Commercial Pilot Certificate! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Kael Hanson: Instrument Pilot!

Congratulations to Kael Hanson on obtaining his Instrument Pilot Certificate! (CFII: Rich Morey)

Randy Larson: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Randy Larson on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! (CFI: Justin Murphy)

Phil Freye: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Phil Freye on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! (CFI: Rich Morey)

Nathan Moll: First Solo

Congratultions to Nathan Moll on his First Solo! (CFI: Tom Huismann)

Jacob Charneski: First Solo

Congratulations to Jacob Charneski on his First solo flight! (CFI: Tom Huismann)

Dana Bartholomew: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Dana Bartholomew on earning his Private Pilot Certificate!

Scott Cabot: Instrument Ground Instructor

Congratulations to Scott Cabot on earning his Instrument Ground Instructor!

Austin Sabers: Private Pilot

Congratulations to Austin Sabers on earning his Private Pilot Certificate! (CFI: Jacob Davis)